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Hilliard & Herman Associates, LLC is a private insurance firm that specializes with Seniors and Small businesses. We are 100% transparent with short and long term objectives. Our level of service exemplifies through our organization and implemented with our clients. Core values include Integrity, Competency,Transparency, Fortitude. Our philosophy stems from an Educational Standpoint” with over 17 years of service in the financial industry. We strive for all of our clients to have the liquidity when the uncertainties of life are met head on. With a Hybrid business model were able to offer face-to-face vs online consultations with clients.We believe that these two segments are vastly under-served which is the reason for inception. As an entity narrowing our focus within two segments we have identified unpredictable concerns for Seniors while maximizing allocation opportunities for Business Owners. We offer free Annual Reviews regarding past policies or attend one of our workshops in the community. We are licensed in the following states: Florida, Georgia,Alabama, Kentucky, Ohio. Contact us today for a consultation.  We welcomed the opportunity to know your family and endeavors."Today's decision is tomorrow peace of Mind"        

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<b>Funeral Planning</b><b></b>

Funeral Planning

Have you ever had to pay for a funeral? If so how much did it cost? Did you know that the national average exceeds 10,000? Did you know that a funeral is the third largest single purchase for most people? Did you know that Social Security only covers $255 toward a funeral if you qualify? Did you know that VA will only pay up to $749 for Non-Service Related Deaths if you qualify? Did you know that 70% of those who die did not leave behind a will? Did you know that 85% of those who pass left zero knowledge or financial means of last wishes? Is there a way I could take care of my funeral today and lock in the Cost forever!!!! so my love ones would not have to bare that responsibility?

Yes as an organization there are two things we always recommend:

 1) Plan in advance

 2) Fund in advance

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Legacy Planning

Legacy Planning

Are you concerned about your Kids or grand-kids future? Do you want them to attend college? Would you like to leave them a nest egg for the world? Are you raising a special-needs child? Do you want to obtain Health Insurance for your kids or grand-kids? Are your kids prepared financially for that day when your not there? Would you like to leave a charitable contribution to your church? Do you own a business? If so do you have a buy-sell agreement set in place? Do you have a succession plan? Do you have business partners? If so when do they plan to retire? What is their plan? Are you leaving the business to the kids? If so what are the percentages? What will happen to your employees? What if you loose some or all of them to rival competition? Do you have a non-compete agreement plan set in place? Are your kids competent to run the business? We understand that these questions are daunting.

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Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

Are you ready to retire? Do you think you will out live your money? Can you afford to retire? When should I apply for Social Security? How should you take your Pension? How should you invest during retirement? What should you to do about health insurance? What should you do about an illness that requires long term care insurance? Where do you want to live after you retire? How should you arrange your estate to save money on taxes? How will you pay for healthcare? How will you generate cash when you stop working Are you considering selling your home? Are you married? If so when does you spouse plans to retire? What are your plans when one of you pass away? Do you plan to live by yourself? Do you plan to move in with the kids? Do you plan to enter into nursing home? What is you life expectancy from the age you plan to retire? We understand that these questions are daunting.

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Hilliard H. Wiggins III CFF RFC is a Certified Financial Fiduciary which are sworn to uphold the highest moral, ethical and fiduciary standards of service when providing advice to potential or existing clients. By choosing to work with a Certified Financial Fiduciary® you can be confident that your best interests will always come first! He is also Registered Financial Consultant a member of IARFC (International Association Registered Financial Consultants).The IARFC is committed to the overall process of financial consulting and wants the public to understand the value and benefits of engaging a professional. A financial consultant guides the financial process: goal identification, data organization, needs analysis review, problem identification, recommendations, and plan implementation. Financial consultants help their clients to save, spend, invest, insure, and plan wisely for the future. After graduating with a B.S Biology/Chemistry from Tuskegee University he pursued graduate work in Biochemistry at UC Berkeley. Upon entering the financial sector he immediately used his Methodical/Analytical approach toward science to finance. Growing up in the south and having older parents his natural market was Seniors. With that being said "Service" is a way of life.  His fraternity Omega Psi Phi makes monumental strides in the community "uplifting the youth". The organizations he is affiliated with consists: NAPA(National Association of Professional Agents), NAIFA (National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisers),NACFF (National Association Certified Financial Fiduciaries), NAAIA (National African American Insurance Association).The firm's focal point is Funeral- Legacy- Retirement Planning and will work diligently to achieve all goals. We have developed Strategic Educational Partnerships to better prepare advisers while performing Seminars and Workshops at Assistant Living Centers, Churches, and Funeral Homes for clients.

Our Partners

The Associate(s) Consortium, LLC is an Entrepreneurial, Financial and Professional Services Firm dedicated to providing products and services that meet the needs of individuals, families and small businesses. We are a partnership of industry sectors that are specifically paired to meet niche markets with regards to specialized needs. Through our model, the company aims to bring client/customer needs and solution together, linking them with our partners in a synergy fashion for optimal outcomes.

As a company, we are committed students to the sectors we serve; to study all products and services that are approved within our business sectors. We will always search for those financial, entrepreneurial, professional and real estate products and services that will best serve the needs and objectives of our clients and customers.

We Specialize in:Business Consulting,Financial Services,Professional Services

Veronica Hall (Operation Manager) brings a wealth of experience from the financial industry related to customer service,compliance, and accounting issues.She oversees the marketing department including hiring of call center representatives and client retention. She undergoes daily discussion with the Managing Partners about the presence of the firm in the community. Other tasks include:

Teach, instruct and monitor required reports and forecast projected monthly revenues.

Also, recommend selected personnel for "upward mobility".

Investigate thoroughly each and every customer complaint to resolution.

 Plan and conduct developmental workshops for the firm within the marketing landscape.

The Law Office of M. Bivins, PLLC is dedicated to providing you with an exceptional legal experience through the convenience of online methods. Born out of a desire to provide highly-efficient legal services to people desiring a more personal approach, we are warm and attentive to our clients.

Markecia Bivins, a Jacksonville native, is the founder of the firm. She obtained her J.D. from Florida Coastal School of Law, and her B.S. in Business Administration from Florida A&M University. She is admitted to practice law in Florida.

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Face to-Face vs Online Consultation

 Which Platform is best for you?

Face to Face- Most clients prefer this method lets face it when it comes to Insurance its complex and we understand with Seniors education is paramount. 

Online- Small to Moderate population which is growing. Seniors are evolving with more technology daily and comfortable paying things online. There is no doubt that this trend looks promising.

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