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Our Constituents include:

Funeral Homes/Nursing Homes/Assistant Living Centers/Care-Givers/Guardians/Power of Attorneys

Our Firm Specialize in the Irrevocable Funeral Trusts (IFT) which will assist in Medicaid Spend Down

Benefits of Funeral Trusts

There are several benefits to purchasing an Irrevocable Funeral Expense Trust, some of which have already been discussed above.

They turn countable assets into noncountable assets for Medicaid eligibility purposes. Not only can an Irrevocable Funeral Trust be purchased for the Medicaid applicant, but also for their spouse, to further “spend down” countable assets. Some states also allow one to purchase an IFT for other immediate family members, such as one’s adult children.

They do not violate Medicaid’s Look-Back Period. Therefore, there is no penalty for creating this type of funeral trust.

They do not restrict which funeral home can be utilized upon the death of the trust beneficiary. Any funeral home, located anywhere in the United States is an option.

Relatives can make funeral arrangements as they see fit, as in most cases, arrangements are not pre-specified.

Relatives of the deceased do not have pay for burial and funeral costs.

What Expenses can be Paid with a Funeral Trust?

Funeral home usage

Service charge of funeral director and staff

Clergy fee

Musicians for service

Death certificate

Printed Death Notices


Casket / Burial vault

Burial plot

Headstones / Monuments

Cemetery fees

Hearse / Limousines

Dressing and casketing


Makeup and hairstyling



Mission Statement: 

Firm that Plans, Prepares, for End of Life Care

Value Proposition

We specialize in a market that is "unsung" to most Financial Advisors which is Funeral Planning

We specialize in a product that is "unsung" to most people however being the most practical and prudent way to bury someone

We specialize in a market that yields the third largest purchase for most people which is Funeral Planning

Our Process is 2-part phase we address Funeral and Legacy planning cooperatively do not commingling the two

The Irrevocable Funeral Trust is a key component in Medicaid Planning which covers 6 out 10 nursing home residents

Flexibility is an essential part of service qualifying someone for Medicaid is "time sensitive" so if a client would like to meet in Miami tomorrow or Sunday afternoon we are there

Even though we are headquarter in Florida which the senior capital of the country the other states our firm conducts business constituents for 25% of all  Nursing Home Facilities in the US so even though we are a small firm "we cast a very large net"

As the population continues to get older more Nursing Home Facilities will be needed which will incur more need for services 

Financial Services Offered:  Funeral Planning, Legacy Planning, Retirement Planning

Estate Planning, Medicaid Planning, Educational Planning, Business Planning, Payroll Deductions

 Employee Benefits, Charitable Planning, Mortgage Planning, Annual Reviews.

Financial Products Offered:  Irrevocable Funeral Trusts,  Life Insurance, Dental Insurance, Vision Insurance, Hearing Insurance, Accidental Insurance, Medicare Supplements, Trusts, Annuities, Cancer Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance,  Hospital Indemnity, Long Term Care Insurance, Disability Insurance, Medical Insurance, Buy-Sell Agreements, Group Benefits, Identity Theft Protection, Legal Planning.

         Funeral Planning

         Funeral Planning

Have you ever had to pay for a funeral? If so how much did it cost? Did you know that the national average exceeds 8,000? Did you know that a funeral is the third largest single purchase for most people? Did you know that Social Security only covers $255 toward a funeral if you qualify? Did you know that VA will only pay up to $749 for Non-Service Related Deaths if you qualify? Did you know that your household income will be cut by as much as 1/3 with the death of your spouse? Did you know that 70% of those who die did not leave behind a will? Did you know that 85% of those who pass left zero knowledge or financial means of last wishes? Is there a way I could take care of my funeral today and lock in the Cost forever so my love ones would not have to bare that responsibility? Yes as an organization its two things we always recommend:

            1)   Plan in Advance

            2)   Fund in Advance

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          Legacy Planning

          Legacy Planning

Are you concerned about your Kids or grand kids future? Do you want them to attend college? Would you like to leave them a nest egg for the world? Are you raising a special-needs child? Are your kids prepared financially for that day when your not there? Would you like to leave a charitable contribution to your church? Do you own a business? If so do you have a buy-sell agreement set in place? Do you have a succession plan? Do you have business partners? If so when do they plan to retire? What is their plan? Are you leaving the business to the kids? If so what are the percentages? What will happen to your employees? What if you loose some or all of them to rival competition? Do you have a non-compete agreement plan set in place? Are your kids competent to run the business? We understand that these questions are daunting.

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      Retirement Planning

      Retirement Planning

Are you ready to retire? Do you think you will out live your money? Can you afford to retire? When should I apply for Social Security? How should you take your Pension? How should you invest during retirement? What should you to do about health insurance? What should you do about an illness that requires long term care insurance? Where do you want to live after you retire? How should you arrange your estate to save money on taxes? How will you pay for healthcare? How will you generate cash when you stop working Are you considering selling your home? Are you married? If so when does you spouse plans to retire? What are your plans when one of you pass away? Do you plan to live by yourself? Do you plan to move in with the kids? Do you plan to enter into nursing home? What is you life expectancy from the age you plan to retire? We understand that these questions are daunting.

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